BedForPet Prague

Our mission

We want to make the world a better and safer place for animals.
Infographic for Bed For Pet Prague community of volunteers.

Our volunteers rescue stray cats all around Czech republic. We treat, spay/neuter cats and provide them with temporary homes while they’re recovering and waiting for their human to adopt them.

Adopt, don’t shop

We are strongly against inhumane practices of puppy/kitten mills. We encourage people to adopt rather than sponsor breeding. If one prefers to buy a pet from a breeder, we advise to do an extensive research on the quality of care provided to all the animals involved.

Spaying and neutering

We are advocates for spaying and neutering both stray and domestic animals. The practice effectively targets issues like overpopulation of stray animals, overcrowded shelters and is highly beneficial in terms of health and general well-being of animals.

Loving homes

We believe each cat and dog (and any other domestic critter) deserves a loving home, where they are treated as a member of the family. That’s why we focus on looking for forever and foster homes for cats and dogs from the shelters and stray cats who were rescued from the streets.

Educating the public

We provide educational materials on health, nutrition, psychology and behavior of cats, dogs and other domestic animals to help owners better understand the needs of their pets.
We do not support exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes, as we believe it violates their rights.

Language support

Our volunteers offer their services as translators during the vet visits, rehoming the pets, etc., both in-person and remotely.


We’re building a community of people who love and care about animals and are willing to take action to help them, be it sharing posts with cats and dogs who are looking for homes, fostering or taking a sick critter to the vet.