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Sparky id 009m

Sparky is blind. He was found crying loudly for help and some lady called the volunteers to take him.

He was a grown cat, but weighed 2 kg. Sparky was severely malnourished, dehydrated and pooped worms. He was treated with antibiotics, dewormed, got eye drops a few times a day and ear cleanses and lived with a foster who took care of him. He was staying in a separate room alone, because the foster also had many dogs, who were not cat-friendly. She tried to find a family who’d adopt him, but it didn’t happen for a few months. She went for walks with him to enrich his life a little, and he loved those:)
We decided to take Sparky under our care, as he not only needs treatment but is extremely human-oriented and affectionate and has anxiety when left alone.

To this day, Sparky has gastrointestinal issues, which we are trying to determine the cause of, he is preparing for an eye surgery and right now he needs a dental surgery as his gums are inflamed and the condition of his teeth is bad.
But he is enjoying his life with a foster, is curious and playful and loves to eat a little too much, so is currently on a diet:)