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Chernyshka id 001f

A friend of Chernyshka’s previous owner was looking for fosters for 5 cats. The owner had serious health issue and a difficult living situation and couldn’t take care of the cats any more, but hoped to get better and take them back.

We decided to take two cats for fostering, so Chernyska (her name was Ghost at the time, cause she couldn’t meow) and Tika came to us.
When we opened a carrier, she slowly came out and was moving in a weird and disoriented way. The owner said, we suffered a stroke in the past and this is her normal behavior. She wanted to sleep most of the time, didn’t play, didn’t meow once, and we felt a very bad smell from her mouse. She got an appointment with a vet and we was shocked. Her gums were inflamed and puss was coming out of it, some teeth were missing and some were very loose. He said this causes severe inflammation in her body and she needs a surgery. But before it could be done she had to take antibiotics.

After only a few of days of taking antibiotics she started to feel better, and in a week she had new dental surgery. The recovery was not swift, but she was getting infusions, soft recovery food, painkillers and was visibly more active.
In about a month after the surgery she meowed for the first time.
Slowly she became more interested in the world around her, started playing with a catnip toy and asking for food. After a while we got a little foster kitten, Káva, who liked Chernyska very much and always tried to be as close to her as possible. Chernyshka had’t been too happy even about Tina’s company, so we were surprised, but Kava seemed to have a good influence on her, they were friendly with each other and even groomed each other sometimes.
After a while Chernyshka was diagnosed with chronic inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, so she’s on steroids now. We monitor her blood, as steroids may affect her in a bad way. But she’s got great appetite, is playing, loves cuddling and watching the cat TV through the window. Her favorite thing is face rubs and is into