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Why a cat needs meat. Amino-acid deficiency symptoms.

As obligate carnivores, cats require animal protein to live. It doesn’t mean that cats cannot consume and digest plant proteins, but the basis of their nutrition must always be protein derived from animal sources, as it is the only kind containing the right amounts of amino-acids cats require.
Today we’re talking about what happens when a cat lacks certain amino-acids.
As you can see, lack of taurine causes horrifying consequences for cat health. Taurine helps bile production, which allows fat to be digested. Taurine is destroyed when affected by heat, that’s why the cat food companies are required to supplement their products with extra taurine.

Therefore, if a cat is fed homemade food, it’s not enough to just give them pieces of cooked meat. The meals must be balanced and complete and satisfy all nutrient requirements of a cat.

The only safe way to feed a cat homemade food on a regular basis is to have a recipe formulated by a veterinary nutritionist. Usually, such recipes require not just muscle meat and organs, but a source of fiber and a cat food completer (completers provide minerals like calcium, vitamins and Taurine). One of the completers available in EU is Felini (Complete/Renal).
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