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Can cat fleas live on human?

While many people consider fleas scary and by no means it’s ok to ignore them if your cat has them, they are rarely dangerous to humans.
Fleas prefer to infest animals, such as dogs and cats, as they are better suited for their life cycle. While fleas can bite humans and feed on their blood, they do not live on humans as they are not able to get all necessary nutrients from human blood and the hairless environment is not suitable for reproduction.

Female fleas require a blood meal for reproduction, and they lay their eggs in the host's environment, such as bedding, carpets, or pet fur. The eggs then hatch into larvae, pupate, and eventually emerge as adult fleas. While fleas may jump onto humans for a blood meal, they generally the environment provided by animals for their reproduction.

Addressing the source of the infestation, such as treating pets and the living environment, is essential for effective flea control. There’re many anti-flea treatments for cats, but the most effective are the ones you can only get from a veterinarian. There’re also sprays that are effective for the furniture/carpets, but the shouldn’t be used on pets directly.
Some of the most effective flea treatments for cats are:
  • Bravecto
  • Stronghold
They are available at the veterinary clinics.

Fleat treatments for the environment:
  • Tropiclean Natural flea-tick home spray
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