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How to adopt a cat in Prague? BedForPet requirements for the future cat parents.

If you love animals as much as we do, these requirements will not seem neither unusual, nor unnecessary. Cats in our care receive quality food, medicine and treatment. Searching for reliable homes for socialization, providing them with everything they need to create an interesting cat environment, training fosters – our volunteers do everything to ensure that the animals get a chance for the happiest life possible.

You are a BedForPet grade cat-parent if:

  • You are an animal lover and are willing to ensure that all your cat's needs are met, such as: quality food (not Wiskas or Felix), safety (nets on windows, exclusively indoor housing, no walks outside), enriched environment (scratching posts, educational toys, puzzles, vertical surfaces for climbing, places for privacy, etc.);
  • You agree to have the cat spayed/neutered when they come of age (it is better to have the cat spayed before the first heat as this reduces the risk of mammary cancer);
  • You agree to install and register a chip and provide annual complex vaccinations;
  • You are interested in the welfare of your cat and are willing to take an active part in their life, learn information about health and nutrition, learn how to give pills, etc.;
  • You are willing to learn information about cat behaviour and psychology (so that you don't make the mistake of thinking the cat has done something to spite you, that the cat has a built-in navigator and safety system, and that the cat needs to give birth to feel like a woman);
  • You agree to the installation of cat-nets (this is not the same as mosquito nets). We will offer you non-drilling options if your landlord is against installing nets.
  • You are aware of the cost of quality food and veterinary services and have the ability to provide them;
  • You agree to keep in touch with us, send photos and videos of your cat and contact us with any difficulties or questions.
DOWNLOAD The Adoption Handbook.

All BedForPet cats are given for adoption vaccinated, chipped, with international passport, FIV/FELV tested.
The adoption fee is up to 3000 crowns.
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