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How to become a cat foster for BedForPet Prague?

Fostering cats is an extremely rewarding experience, that requires a responsible approach from a caregiver. At BedForPet Prague all potential fosters have an opportunity to undergo a training to learn everything necessary to take the best care of a cat.
BedForPet Prague provides everything necessary for a cat, including litter boxes, scratchers, tunnels and toys. If a foster decides to cover the expenses on food and litter, it is highly appreciated, but isn’t a requirement.

Requirements for a foster cat parent

  • Ensure the windows are secured and there’s no way for a cat to run away, get stuck or fall from the window (here’s the net that doesn’t require drilling and is easy to install);
  • Feed the cat exclusively according to the recommendation of the curator. All kinds of human food are strictly prohibited;
  • Send photo and video updates and report on cat’s mood and behavior at least twice a week;
  • The litter box should be cleaned at least twice a day;
  • For adult cats at least two15-minute play sessions are recommended;
  • The cat should be treated gently. Shouting/spraying with water/slapping is strictly prohibited;
  • If the foster family has children, it’s the responsibility of the parents to show them the appropriate ways to treat a cat;
  • The fosters are required to contact the curator if there’s any problem at all, the curator is available 24/7.
Fostering Cats